The Philosophy Behind the University

"Nurturing Individuals Who Will Benefit the World", the philosophy behind the establishment of our university; that is our mission at OUC.

"Four Pillars" of thought are required in order to nurture those "individuals who will benefit the world," and, for more than 80 years now, this university has directed its energy towards the implementation of practical education with those goals in mind.

The philosophy behind the university

Nurturing Individuals Who Will Benefit the World

The four pillars of thought that support the philosophy

  • Kindness and Courtesy
  • Fundamental & Practical Learning
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Enjoyment of Life

University emblem

The emblem of this university expresses razor-sharp strength in a soft form. The design confers a variegated three-dimensional effect, appealing to a sense of stirring motion, of "floating, leaping and flying". It conveys the message "Develop your imagination freely and spread your wings out widely towards the future."