Institutes / Research

The following are some of the facilities and research institutes affiliated with OUC.

The OUC library contains about 480,000 reference volumes and more than 2,200 kinds of magazines.
Research Center for Japanese General Social Surveys
This project organization conducts comprehensive social surveys in Japan in conjunction with the University of Tokyo and overseas research organizations.
Sports Center
This center promotes sporting activities at OUC as well as sports in the local community.
The Institute of Regional Studies
This research institute conducts investigation into regional studies of Kansai District as well as the whole of Asia focusing on the keyword "comparison".
Liaison Center
This center is an incubator base for broadly fostering and supporting a spirit of venture that transcends the normal framework of the university.
The Institute of Amusement Industry Studies
This is Japan’s first research institution at a university level specializing in the amusement industry.
Study Support Center
This center offers support so that all students, and their guardians as well, can experience a full and substantial four years of university life.
Museum of Commercial History
This museum conveys the history and charm of the merchant city of Osaka.