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President's Message

Education towards finding a career

Main content towards supporting that venture spirit

Addition of Venture Support Course: "Basic Exercises I & II"

This course enables students to learn the fundamental methods of study at a university level, as well as about university life and the corresponding study habits. It aims at raising their communication skills, their talent for making presentations, and their ability to create documents, the foundations behind developing a spirit of venture. The goal is to deepen students' consideration for the significance of studying at university and to develop concrete ideas on their future path.

Addition of Venture Support Course: "Career Design: Introduction and Application"

The "Introduction" portion of this course touches on the life of graduates and other individuals in order to help students form their own sense of values on labor and work. The meaning of "working" is considered from its very core. In the "Application" portion of the course, what should be deemed important when working and one's sense of values in regard to work are clarified in order to assist students in establishing a career plan.

Maintaining a support organization for venture spirit

Creation of student development records

The number of units completed, attendance record by course using a cell phone, advice from school staff, along with other information is available through a student portal site as individual student records. Students enter their own objectives for study and life, and self-evaluate the status of their accomplishment of those goals. University staff then offers comprehensive support based on that information.

Implementation of student development support surveys

Questionnaire-type surveys are conducted to deepen students' self-understanding of such issues as their social strengths and weaknesses, their attitudes on work and life, and their vocational aptitude. The results of these surveys support each students' ability to comprehend their own strong points and aptitudes, and help them objectively choose a future that will maximize their individuality.