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President's Message

Three Policies on Undergraduate Education

The evolution of OUC illuminated in our "Three Policies on Undergraduate Education"

The following clarifies OUC's three policies on undergraduate education and adds a message from the head of each School.

What are our three policies on undergraduate education?

Policy on Admissions
OUC's policy on accepting new students

This policy presents an image of the type of individuals that the university looks for in entering students, such as their skills, volitions, and experiences. Although that image will differ for each of the university's four study majors, we seek persons who are filled with a spirit of challenge, and who have the volition and ability to study based on the school's philosophy of "Nurturing Individuals Who Will Benefit the World".

Policy on the Curriculum
OUC's policy on forming and implementing the curriculum

This policy relates to establishing a curriculum that will enable students to acquire the necessary capabilities to attain their goals after four years. Those abilities are acquired gradually by mastering that curriculum based on the "four pillars" of thought ("Kindness and Courtesy", "Fundamental & Practical Learning", "Flexible Thinking", "Enjoyment of Life") that support the philosophy behind the university.

Policy on Diplomas
OUC's policy on conferment of a graduate degree

This policy corresponds to the objective of four years of study in line with the four pillars of thought that support the philosophy behind the university. Although the content will differ for each subject major based on the diversity of talent that society requires for that field, "Enjoyment of Life" is something common to all subjects. By clarifying this, students are able to systematically advance their own learning.