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Department of Management

Considering not only the pursuit of profit but rewarding corporate management as well

Business administration applies to "companies (profit-oriented organizations)" that produce and sell goods and services. Its study cultivates the managerial skills for efficiently and effectively utilizing such management resources as "people, goods, capital and information" in order to advance an organization. The focus is placed on various matters that support management, such as the provision of goods and services and the workplace environment, and also the mastery of such knowledge as bookkeeping, accounting and information processing that are required in corporate management. Business administration at OUC involves consideration not only for the pursuit of profits but of overall management that is able to satisfy the majority of the people and the community that are connected to that organization.


1. Consider rewarding corporate management that is not limited to the pursuit of profits
Consider rewarding corporate management that is not limited to the pursuit of profits

The purpose of corporate management is essentially the pursuit of profits through the utilization of management resources like "people, goods, capital and information". In the Department of Management, while acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge on the management of these management resources, students study management in order not only to provide goods and services in pursuit of profits but so that the community, along with the global environment, is rewarded as well.

2. Polish managerial skills and a sense for managing an organization
Polish managerial skills and a sense for managing an organization

In order to acquire a wide range of knowledge according to their own awareness of the issues while also deepening their specialization related to business administration, "Corporate Management" teaches students the structure, organization and management of a company, while "Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Information Processing" educates them on the management of corporate sales and profits, the knowledge of the information industry, and information processing technology, etc.

3. Encourage a global outlook and entrepreneur's spirit
Encourage a global outlook and entrepreneur's spirit

"Business administration" is not a field solely for those who aim at becoming a manager or entrepreneur. This discipline, which is said to bring together elements of various realms of study, such as economics, psychology, law, and mathematics, is a science that is useful in wide ranging scenes of social life. The global outlook and spirit of entrepreneurship that are supported in the Department of Management at OUC are characteristics that everyone needs to survive in today's society.

An image of students appropriate to this Department

Corporate Management
  • Is interested in the structure, organization and management of companies
  • Wants to start a product-making enterprise themselves, etc.
  • Is interested in work that is active internationally, such as corporate overseas expansion, export and import, etc.
  • Is interested in the responsibility that a company should exhibit towards society
  • Wants to study the history of industry and corporate management
  • Wants to study the law required for corporate management
Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Information Processing
  • Is interested in bookkeeping and accounting
  • Is interested in the management and analysis of sales and profits in companies
  • Wants to further develop their knowledge of and skill in bookkeeping and accounting
  • Is interested in the information industry and computers
  • Wants to be involved in work in which their knowledge of and capabilities in information processing can be maximized

The goal

The Department of Management aims at developing students who can efficiently and effectively utilize and manage corporate management resources, such as personnel, equipment, capital, and information. This Department also looks to nurture individuals who will possess the knowledge about bookkeeping and accounting, information processing, and other content that is required for corporate management, will demonstrate an international point of view, and can comprehensively make decisions with a broad vision within shifting business environments.

Conferment of a graduate's degree

Graduates are given a university degree in business administration.