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Department of Economics

Solving economic issues towards a better society

"Economics" takes the history of a country, its social structure, and other factors into consideration and attempts to change that social structure for the better in order to enrich the lives of its citizens. It plays the role of a doctor for society by solving the various economic ills encountered by consumers, companies, and the nation. When talking about "economics", the image may be of it being a difficult subject, but it is actually a science that is very close to our lives. All of our daily actions, like shopping, going to the movies, and using our cell phones, are connected with "economic" activity. By learning the theory and acquiring a knowledge of economics, it is possible to solve the problems that Japan and the world face.


1. Solve economic issues towards a better society
Solve economic issues towards a better society

When many people want something of which there is a limited number, the value of that item will increase and the price will rise as well. How to effectively utilize limited resources, what and how much to produce, and how to distribute it so that society as a whole is satisfied... The Economics Department tackles such social issues from a variety of angles and explores ways to make people happy.

2. Study the two domains of the economy: "Theory & History" and "Regions & Policies"
Study the two domains of the economy: Theory & History and Regions & Policies

The economic structure that supports society is studied from the two perspectives of "Theory and History" and "Regions and Policies". "Theory & History" examines the methodology of analyzing global trends from the standpoint of economics, while "Regions & Policies" focuses on the system required for the economic development of Japan and the surrounding region, as well as corresponding methodologies and economic issues, etc.

3. Acquire the ability to discern the optimal solution with a broad vision
Acquire the ability to discern the optimal solution with a broad vision

The ultimate purpose of study is to be able to utilize the knowledge and skill that is learned for application in areas connected with actual economic activity around the world. Economics is studied from a comprehensive point of view and the capacity to solve various economic problems facing consumers, businesses, and the nation is learned. The facility for proposing the optimum solution to the problems that Japan, the world and the local community face is acquired.

An image of students appropriate to this Department

Theory & History
  • Is interested in the actions of the economy
  • Is interested in the structure of finance
  • Wants to study solutions to employment issues
  • Is interested in environmental issues
Regions & Policies
  • Wants to study the economic development of countries and regions
  • Is interested in the development of countries and regions through corporate activity
  • Wants to study global economic issues and foreign economies
  • Wants to study how to overcome poverty and rectify inequalities

The goal

"Economics" is a science that aims at improving people's lives and enriching society through the appropriate and practical utilization of the market. Studying this subject nurtures individuals who can solve the various economic problems that consumers, companies, and nations face.

Conferment of a graduate's degree

Graduates are given a university degree in economics.